Buy Discounted Gift Cards with up to 30% off Face Value

Sounds too good to be true? Well, It’s not. That’s right, you can get gift cards to your favorite

retailers and restaurants for less than face value, and then give them as gifts or use them for yourself.


Did you ever get a gift that you were first excited to open and then had to keep a straight face

because you hated it? You then quickly stick it in a closet, never to be seen again. Forget the

picture frame. This holiday season, give people what they want: fun, freedom, and choice to

choose what makes them happy.


Gift cards are the most-purchased present, primarily because they let people choose

what they want and when they want to buy it. You simply choose the brand and let the recipient

buy the gift that they want for themselves. Gift cards that offer dinner, a play or a movie can be

a fun choice. A night out makes a better gift than a knickknack.

Also, buying discounted gift cards for yourself and your family is a great way to start piling up

the savings.

Remember, most gift cards have no expiration dates or hidden fees, so recipients can enjoy

them on their own terms.


How It Works – Buying Discounted Gift Cards


The vast majority of people still don’t know about discounted gift cards. There are several gift

card web sites where customers can buy gift cards for their favorite stores for up to 30% off.

Imagine buying paying $70 for a $100 gift card – basically, it’s like getting $30 for free. You can

then use your gift card to purchase products on sale or use coupons for additional savings.

Using discounted gift cards this way could help you save hundreds of dollars each year.


Here’s how it works…Discounted gift card websites simply buy new or partially used gift cards

from consumers who would rather have the cash then resell the cards to consumers who want

them for discounts ranging from 2% to 30%, depending on the retailer. It’s a win-win for

everyone! The discounted gift card site makes a profit on the difference between what they buy

and sell cards for, the seller gets cash for a gift card they are not using and you get a gift card at

a discount to shop at your favorite retailer or go have dinner at your favorite restaurant.


Where to Buy Discounted Gift Cards


Costco and a few other warehouse stores sell new gift cards for less than face value. The

savings can be good but their selection is limited to local restaurants. Gift cards on the

secondary market are where you will find a hundreds of retailers and higher discounts. as one example, sells discounted gift cards to hundreds of retailers for as little as 2%, and as high as 30% off the face value. Discount always depends on the inventory

available at the time so checking daily can get you some extra savings. offers both

physical and eGift cards for over 1,000 retailers. Once you register with the site you can browse

and compare discounts.


Enjoy your savings.

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